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5 MUST-have Household Appliances for Small Spaces!

Since the start of the new millennium, the population of the world has increased tremendously with the count of the world population is reaching out to almost 8 billion people up!  With the population of Malaysia reaching up to 33 Million, not including all the other people like expatriates, foreign workers, etc, Housing is getting more & more competitive with lots of condominiums, flats, and apartments on the rise as compared to landed houses especially if you live in major cities in Malaysia. This is because the inflation prices of land and housing developments are pushing towards highrise living for us.

Some people like to downsize and have small and compact spaces but the downside is that there isn’t much room for your furniture and most importantly, your home appliances for you to rely on when doing household chores & tasks. In order to make use of the limited space that you have, here are five of the MUST-have home appliances for a cozy and functional living environment!

Having a combo washer dryer at your home is a convenience as you don’t have to spend time going to a laundromat which requires other expenses like transportation and more time to carry and go to the laundromat itself. But the downside for the washer & dryer at your home is that it can be pretty bulky and takes up more space than what you would normally want.

So, in order to solve this problem you need to think of how architects would solve problems when real estate is tight and limited, they turn to build upwards as compared to horizontally. You can make use of the vertical unused space that you have by stacking your dryer on top of your washer. 

If there's no space, right now there are brands combine a washer dryer together, or a combo washer dryer! So you can just use ONE appliance, saving more space too!

If you’re living with only a few people in a small house, you don’t need a supermassive multi-door refrigerator in your home. What you need is a refrigerator that fits your needs accordingly without having to waste any space.

Nowadays more companies are designing smaller version units of their refrigerators to fit into smaller spaces.

These refrigerators aren’t too shabby as they can get the job done without using much energy and can be compared to some of the bigger refrigerator units. senQ right now is also offering flexi payment plan and even Buy Now Pay Later plans, so they're suitable for you who want to get one according to your budget!

Haven’t you heard? Using a microwave oven to cook your meals is cutting more than ⅓ of the energy that you normally use when you use a conventional oven? That reason is already good enough to have one in your home.

If we’re comparing both microwave oven and the conventional oven, the microwave doesn’t heat up your house during hot weather thus saving more energy and it also does the things that the oven does at almost a fraction of its time in a much smaller package.

If you’re looking to save more money, you don’t have to put an AC unit on every room, it is sufficient enough to have a portable air conditioner which in most of them have handles and wheels for you to bring it around your house comfortably.

Most portable air conditioners have more functionality at a lower price as compared to your normal standard air conditioners. They may have dehumidifying and fan functions which can be adjusted with your needs.

Big and bulky traditional vacuum cleaners are a thing of the past. Going cordless is the future nowadays. Get yourself a cordless, lightweight stick vacuum that will be easy to use and store. You can just unplug & use when you have to cleanup your small spaces and immediate cleanups. 

Since the size is small, it helps you to reach out to tight & tough spaces to clean. And with no extra baggage to carry, cleaning your space can be reduced significantly as compared to your conventional vacuum cleaners.


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