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How to balik kampung with ZERO STRESS?

As Raya approaches, many of us anticipate the joyous return to our kampung to celebrate with loved ones. Yet, the journey home is often marked by lengthy drives and inevitable traffic jams. In fact, people are now competing on social media on how long they have to drive! I’ve curated a list of essential gadgets from senQ that I think will transform your travel woes into an enjoyable adventure.

The last thing you want on a long journey is for your device to run out of juice.

A robust power bank ensures your smartphone, tablet, and other USB-powered gadgets remain charged throughout your trip. Look for power banks with multiple USB ports to charge several devices simultaneously, ensuring you stay connected and entertained from start to finish.

For me, along with the features I also want my power bank to look cute and portable! It makes carrying it around more worthwhile, as it definitely weighs down your bag a bit.

A camera is your best companion for capturing the spontaneous and fun moments of your road trip. Whether it's a scenic sunset or a family singalong session, these memories are priceless. Modern cameras offer features like high zoom levels, 4K video recording, and image stabilisation, making it easy to shoot high-quality footage even from a moving vehicle.

Personally, my iPhone 11 has become a reliable companion for years for my Instagram needs. Yet, the itch to upgrade is hard to resist. Recently, I've had my eyes on the Samsung S24 Ultra, dreaming of the day it elevates my casual captures to cinematic marvels. The few times I tried it made me feel like a professional movie maker! 

Either way, the practicality of a smartphone remains unmatched for me. It slips easily into any pocket, ready at a moment's notice, and allows for on-the-fly editing that keeps my social feeds lively. Cameras, with their superior quality, are reserved for moments that deserve an extra touch of magic, where effort and outcome align to create something truly special. This is my personal opinion though, do share yours in the comment!

Bringing along a portable Bluetooth speaker transforms any road trip into a rolling concert, especially with a soundtrack curated for the Raya season. While it’s true that many cars come equipped with their own sound systems, the versatility of a portable speaker simply can’t be matched. Opt for a model that boasts a robust battery life, water resistance for those unexpected splashes, and a sound quality that can turn even the most mundane of journeys into an adventure.

There’s something special about having your own portable speaker. It means your favourite tunes don’t have to end just because the car ride does. Whether it’s a pit stop in the middle of nowhere or finally arriving at your kampung, the music keeps playing, keeping the Raya spirit alive every step of the way.

And let's be honest, who among us hasn’t been guilty of lingering in the car for just one more song? I, for one, am a repeat offender!

The collective joy of shared playlists and lively conversations is a staple of any road trip. Yet, there comes a time when the need for a personal oasis within the hustle and bustle of a family car ride becomes undeniable. Enter the high-quality earbuds: your ticket to personal serenity. For those moments, noise-cancelling earbuds are invaluable, offering an immersive experience whether you're diving into your favourite tunes, losing yourself in an audiobook, catching up on podcasts or even watching your favourite streamer!

Speaking from personal experience, with a car often filled with my annoyingly loud brothers, my AirPods Pro has been a literal hero. Trust me, in a vehicle where elbow room is a luxury, a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds can be the best travel companion you didn’t know you needed.

A tablet or laptop can be an all-in-one entertainment hub for passengers. It’s perfect for watching movies, playing games, or even catching up on some light work. For kids, loading your device with educational apps and games can be a great way to keep them engaged and learning on the journey.

Making It Happen with senQ

Preparing for your Raya road trip is easier with senQ. Our wide range of gadgets ensures that your journey back to kampung is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Visit our official retail website (linked down below) or a senQ store near you to find all the essentials for your upcoming adventure.

Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. With these gadgets in your travel arsenal, you’re all set to make this Raya road trip one for

the books!


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