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Why Do You need to collect S-Coin?

As Good as Cash

Collect as much as you want and use them to pay for your purchases with us!

More Ways to Earn

Purchase any of our Electronic Products with the S-Coin Label from our senQ Official Website, senQ Outlets or on our Mobile App!

More than just Electronics

Your S-Coin can also be earned on Selected Lifestyle Products or Services on our Mobile App! It pays to be a PlusOne Member!

3 Easy Steps to Earn S-Coin !


Register as our
PlusOne Member !


Choose and purchase your desired products with S-Coin Label from any of our senQ Official Website, senQ outlets or our Mobile App !


S-Coin will be credited to your S-Coin account via our Mobile App automatically within 24 hours, and you can redeem it at our senQ outlets 

How to Redeem S-Coin ?

Step 1

Head to your nearest senQ Outlets

Step 2

Pick your desired Product!

Step 3

Redeem Up to RM100 S-Coin weekly without any minimum purchase!* Its that EASY !


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